Grocery Chain Gives Shoppers Option of Renewing Vehicle Registration

Illustration of the registration renewal process

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL—The Florida MV Express programme provides quick, convenient motor vehicle registration renewal, via cash machine-style kiosks. Transactions take approximately two minutes, and customers receive their new registration card and license plate decal. The programme was introduced in February 2019, via kiosks located in four of Hillsborough County’s local tax offices. After its initial success, three new kiosks were made available in branches of the Publix grocery store chain.

The express renewal systems are located in three of the state’s grocery stores and four of its local tax offices

Other states already offer a similar service, in a bid to save time and money. With more than half of its one million a year vehicle-registration renewals taking place in person at government tax offices, the kiosks should help to reduce the burden on state officials and greatly increase convenience for customers. Even when renewing online, vehicle owners must wait several days to receive their new decal.

Currently, the kiosks handle the most simple renewals, such as those with no outstanding toll or insurance charges and for vehicles that don’t need new license plates. Boat owners and drivers of heavy vehicles must still make in-person appointments with their local tax office. 

For Publix, the registration renewal service is another way to make grocery shopping in-store more convenient for customers. Motor vehicle technology company, Intellectual Property Inc., provided the kiosks for free to the county in exchange for a two and a quarter per cent fee on all credit and debit card payments.

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