MVR On-Demand

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Our MVR On-Demand product helps reduce fraud, decrease loss, and enhance security all in real time with no upfront costs. MVR On-Demand increases the speed of every transaction by an average of 15%, resulting in greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce Fraud

    Transparent transactions equal more revenue and less loss. See a 5% to 10% fraud reduction in the first year.

  • No Inventory or Waste

    Your inventory management is ITI’s responsibility. No more inventory, purchasing, distributions or stocking.

  • No Upfront Cost

    Only successful transactions charged. Save millions upfront, pay through the contract term.

  • On-Demand

    Blank integrated forms and decals validated by printing of the license plate number. Reduce inventory loss due to mistakes, training, and fraudulent behavior.


Using thermal transfer technology, MVR On-Demand produces your vehicle registration and stickers in a secure format that meets or exceeds every motor vehicle requirement. Unlike laser printers, our stickers are long lasting with superior fade resistance and print-transferred numbers that can’t be scratched off – making them less susceptible to fraud.

While the hardware and software sit in your locations, ITI centrally manages all inventory storage and distribution through our secure facility. We automatically monitor your inventory levels and equipment and ensure you always have what you need, when you need it, without buying and storing unnecessary stock.

MVR On-Demand Services Available

  • License plate order processing
  • Personalized license plates
  • Vehicle registration and renewals
  • Watercraft registration and renewal
  • Vehicle and watercraft titles
  • Driver’s license renewals
  • Handicap placards
  • State identification cards
  • Customized notices and form

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