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KnowTo Drive (formerly Examiner) is the industry’s most comprehensive road knowledge testing product. With the ability to test in a motor vehicle agency, at home, or with third-party agents, KnowTo Drive assists in reducing office traffic while still offering a secure and educational exam.
  • Reduce Fraud

    Step-by-step ID and personal history checks reduce fraudulent test takers and proctors.

  • Automated Testing

    Web-based testing eliminates paper exams and allows for immediate results.

  • Reduce DMV Traffic

    At-home test taking and third-party agents keep added traffic out of your office.

  • No Upfront Cost

    Transactional model covers everything: tests, equipment, and any changes.

KnowTo Drive Product Features

  • Web-based—tests can be conducted at the DMV, at third-party locations, or online
  • Update tests quickly and easily
  • Support multiple languages (including sign language)
  • User-friendly interfaces for administrators and applicants
  • Real-time test monitoring

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