Why ITI?

ITI is the unique provider of innovative MVA (Motor Vehicle Agency) on Demand software that helps motor vehicle agencies increase speed, visibility, and security of transactions. Whether services are delivered via self-service kiosks, over the counter, on a mobile device, or in a fulfillment center, ITl's products provide motor vehicle agencies the ability to securely service customers when and where they want to be met. By using ITl's solutions, motor vehicle agencies can help shorten wait times, control inventory, increase revenues and reduce fraud.

Mission and Vision

ITI’s mission is to assist motor vehicle agencies in increasing their efficiency by offering cost effective, flexible, and secure solutions. This allows state agencies to improve customer support, accomplish unfilled needs, and keep up with growing and future trends. Our vision and mission are based on our core beliefs of integrity, security, and innovation.

Our goal is to create technology to fulfill the current and future needs of our customers.

Executive and Sales Team

Executive Team

Drew Nicholson
President and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Smith
Senior Vice President of Business & Strategy

Sales and Marketing

JR Haglund
Director of Sales

Andrew Schiff
Senior Director of Marketing

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