Kansas adds option to take written portion of driver’s license exam online

Kansas license

April 6, 2021 • Republished from kansas.com
Kansans can now take the written portion of their driver’s license exam online, the Kansas Department of Revenue said Tuesday. The KDOR launched KnowTo Drive Online last week. The online exam is offered through Intellecutal Technology Inc., which announced the web-based program amid the pandemic, according to a news release. Kansas is the latest state to adopt the service, KDOR said.

“The availability of an online written test has been on our list of customer service enhancements and we are happy to finally announce its arrival,” David Harper, KDOR’s director of the Division of Vehicles, said in a news release. “This testing portal, coupled with our other online services, should greatly decrease the number of customers in the office and considerably reduce the duration of customer visits.”

The exam can be taken any time at ksrevenue.org/vehicles. The cost is $10 for the first test and $8.50 for retests. The written version of the driver’s license test can still be taken in person at a driver’s license office.