ITI announces new inkjet license plate printer

License plate that reads R0KNROLL with rainbow background

ITI is excited to announce the release of new digital license plate printing that uses inkjet technology. This new digital license plate printer is faster and can print over 9,000 license plates per hour. 

The new process offers significant cost savings over current license plate printing methods. No ribbon is required and it eliminates the need for costly pre-printed sheeting. On account of the inkjet production, the manufacturing process allows specialty and standard license plates to be printed at the same time.

The new printer can print in high resolution at 720 and 1080 dpi. It’s versatile as well. It prints on 3M HD, Avery, and Orafol sheeting. The software bundle includes a design tool, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Inventory Management, Packaging and Distribution, Bar Code scanners, and Real Time reporting.

The ITI solution is integrated with the motor vehicle system. The orders are automated and processed in real-time. It includes a turnkey Mail Fulfillment Program for printing registrations and mailing plates. There are no upfront or on-going costs associated with this product. The municipality only pays for license plates printed with ITI’s transactional financial model.