Colorado expands vehicle license renewal kiosks

April 15, 2020 • Republished from
Residents in El Paso County, Colorado are now able to renew their license plates at a self-service kiosk inside five King Soopers stores, according to a press release. 

Colorado MV Express blue and yellow kiosk in King Soopers

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office has expanded the kiosk service for vehicle registration renewals to a total of nine locations, which includes four Clerk’s Motor Vehicle offices and the five King Soopers locations. Colorado MVExpress kiosks are available at the King Soopers stores through the continued partnership between parent company Kroger and kiosk vendor Intellectual Technology, Inc.

“Additional vehicle registration renewal kiosks are a major step forward in providing accessible, customer-centric motor vehicle services for our residents, especially during this difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman. “Now you can renew your license plates any day of the week where you buy groceries, including on nights and weekends, providing convenience for residents.”

To use a kiosk, users type their license plate number on the touchscreen or scan their renewal postcard. They can pay taxes and fees by check, credit or debit card. Cash is not accepted at kiosks in King Soopers stores, but it is accepted at the Clerk’s four motor vehicle branches. Users receive year tab and registration on the spot.

Instructions and voice prompts are available in Spanish and English. 

Thanks to a recent upgrade, users can now renew at a kiosk even after their registration and grace period has expired, although there is a $25 per month late fee up to $100.

Customers will pay a $3.95 service fee per vehicle renewed at a kiosk inside King Soopers. In addition, customers will pay 50 cents if they pay by personal check, or a 2.4% convenience fee if they pay by debit or credit card. The fees are not retained by the county.

The Colorado MVExpress kiosks serve residents in 26 participating counties.